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whenever we do some searches on Google, some websites are shown on the search result page and the number of next pages is given at the bottom of the page. If click on Next, the second search result opens. But then there is no need for us to forward it to us or we do not do it ourselves. Now the question is how the website came to the first page of the first page and why. Just to answer this question, I am writing this post today. And if you talk about the answer then you are thinking right about this SEO (Search engine optimization) is the answer. So let’s know about this SEO.

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what is SEO

What is SEO:-

SEO (Search engine optimization)is an activity that optimizes a web page or website according to the search engine, which can come in higher search engines. The most important link to the process is KEYWORD. It means that for SEO, we rank on Google by feeding KEYWORD in the website.

Actually, SEO is not a process. There are several processes in it, and SEO is the only thing that is complete of all those processes. But the most important process is to choose the right keyword. Then rank that keyword in the search engine.

What are the factors of SEO:-

There are two factors of SEO.


As can be named by the name that the on-page SEO is inside the website and out of the Off-SEO website. For the moment we understand this fact as of right.

ON-PAGE SEO: – ON page SEO is included inside the website ON-PAGE keywords are the elements that are on your website. These are things that you have complete control over, which means that you can work better to improve these factors over time by following the best method for the keyword. It goes one step further from your content marketing to deeper levels of your site’s HTML.

OFF-PAGE SEO: – Do page SEO, building your website link inside and outside the website. With this, the search engine improves the authority and reputations of our website in the eyes of the search engine.
About these two we will discuss further in the post. And fully understand how this pulse is done.


1-white hat,
2-Black Hut,
3-gray hats,

BLACK HAT SEO:- It will get you where you should get fast results. This is usually less expensive because you’re taking shortcuts to get on top of the Google Webmaster running. In fact, many black hat script strategies are specifically told in the guidelines, that you should not do such things.

WHITE HAT SEO- On the other hand, WHITE HAT SEO technology adheres to Google Webmaster Guidelines but usually results in more time and more costs. Inverted, WHITE HAT SEO pays less risk over time and provides stable and complex value. 

GRAY HAT SEO:- It is found somewhere between these two because these tips do not specifically go to Google’s guidelines. You should be cautious about adopting this route because it is not safe to assume that just because a specific technique has not been labeled, it has been considered under fraud and that will put you in trouble, your ranking Can negatively interfere with.

The practice of implementing black or gray SEO techniques on someone else’s website is intended to harm negative SEO. Damage to your competitors makes you a place to move forward in the search result.

The other type of SEO that is “Negative SEO” this does not fall under any category but should know about it. these techniques often focus on making unnatural or desirable desired targets on a competitor’s website, stealing their content, posting negative reviews, or removing the site and modifying its contents.


So far, you have become aware of SEO’s basics. Now know why SEO is important for our website and blog. Let’s suppose we created a blogging website and posted and edited the content of the very best and high quality, now we feel that our visitor will reach this post and Google will rank it but what actually happens If that post does not reach Google’s database, then there will be no question of rank and then we get frustrated and stop working on that blogging or website.

In fact, whenever a search is done on a search engine, then it is in the form of a keyword, and whatever the website reaches the search engine’s database through the SEO, by reading the keyword inserted by the Visitor, then from its database to its related website. Appears on SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

If your website does not have an SEO then it will not be stored in the search engine’s database, due to which the post with your High-Quality Content can not create any place in the SERP and your website is lying in the way.


Whether it is a website or blog on any side or a business website, all of your websites do have SEO because it has some advantages.

1- The search engine identifies your website, which helps your website reach the visitor.

2- Web site traffic comes from SEO, which helps in ranking the website.

3-Google wants fresh and unique content for ranking, SEO helps to increase rankings by optimizing its content further.

4- SEO gives search engine and visitors a clear vision for your website.

5-SEO increases the visibility of our website, which triggers the arrival of Organic Traffic and the website ranks in the SERP.

6-Ultimate SEO Search Engine Optimization Before Your Website Ranks on the page, which increases the growth of your business, as well as your income.                                 



It is the first priority of every website to come on the first page of the search engine. Because the highest traffic (80%) comes from the first page of the search engine, therefore, to rank your website on the first page, SEO (Search Engine Optimization ).

SEO increases the visibility of our website, which leads to the introduction of Organic Traffic, and the website starts ranking in the SERP and your website begins to be popular.


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